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Hi all,


Have had my Impreza Bugeye over a year now and finally decided to get on some forums and start attending some meets.

It is just my weekend toy and finally can start to enjoy it.


The car has needed some extensive work since purchasing it, was in a fairly poor state mechanically, exhaust blowing, smoke coming out from engine bay when hot, aux belt fraying, cambelt cracked, wheel bearings gone, gearbox leaking, and a fault with the alarms immobiliser not allowing the car to turn on every time.


Finally stripped it and sorted all of it and from now on happy motoring and a few more mods to follow


Heres a few pics:


Nothing like a clear motorway (not bad for the M3)



In for turbo to downpipe studs and gasket replacement (easier on ramps)



Free tools left in the engine bay :D



Paintwork Correction done



Good ole Wash!



Look forward to a few meets this summer!

Cheers, Nathan.

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Hello mate welcome to S.O.C

Good to see her restored and not broken for part's. And hope it was bought in the mind to fix up and not just been a nightmare buy. But end results look great mate a job well done. [emoji106]

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