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Air intake - something missing here?

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New to the forum (and Subaru's) and I have my first question about my recently bought 2003 2.0 GX.


I noticed this when I went to buy it, thought if it was important then I could source the part. I've noticed some engines with an additional piece of plastic taking the intake right up to the front of the car (above the grille). Is this necessary or is it ok to leave it as it is? 





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I'm not an expert on the non turbo cars however it looks like the air filter box, maf sensor and snorkel has been removed, the snorkel is not that important however the maf and filter is. I would guess that they swapped over to a mushroom type filter at some point and haven't replaced it. It should look like this if stock.

The large black box houses the air filter, connected to the box is the MAF (mass air flow sensor) hen the pipe works to the engine.



In this pic although it's a legacy it shows the mushroom/pod filter instead of the stock air box and pipe work.


Hopefully one of the more techy minded guys can advise on the pros and cons of a maf delete

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Get an air filter on ASAP I can't believe they would sell you it like this

His filter is further up - the worst thing that is happening is that the air entering the intake is a little warmer and therefore less dense.


@OP: You could either throw on an after market extension and a cone filter (then remove the panel filter further up) or you could source the 'directional' piece from a breakers yard.

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Thank you all for your help with this.


I did try Google for a decent photo of the 2.0 GX engine, but I couldn't get a confirmed image, so thanks entr0py for this...




So, no MAF sensor (I couldn't see a lose wiring connector floating about anywhere when I had a look yesterday), filter is in the box at the back of the engine (which I did think was the case), which means I just need the piece at the front of the exposed intake pipe... I doubt I'll go for the cone filter, is it really going to make much difference anyway? You read so many conflicting stories online about whether or not they're worth it.


Now I just need to sort out replacement track rods/ends, brake pads, tyres and alloy refurb  :)

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Unless you remove your stock air filter you will absolutely zero gain just strapping a cone on the end there. Just double filtered air [emoji5]



Oh no, wouldn't have both filters in place at the same time. But, I think I'll keep it stock anyway.

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