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2004 Silver Blob (£4k spent in last 14 months) Price drop £4k only!!


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I bought my Blob WRX in April 2014 with 58k miles on the clock. It now has 74k - 98% motorway driving. It only drinks 99RON VPower and I have all my Shell receipts to prove it. I have all the original service books, instructions, salesroom brochure and a stack of receipts. I’m a mature owner (nice way to say old git, 45).

Now it does sound quite crazy how much I’ve spent on this car in the past year especially as it is so standard. I have over £4k of receipts for the past 12 months! I had a silver bug for 7 years and I bought this Blob with the intention of keeping it for that length of time too. So no expense was spared to get it set-up ready for me owning the car for a long time. I’m also doing 94 miles a day from Surrey all the way to Essex, so I wanted a safe well maintained car. Cars are more of a hobby for me rather than just a mode of transport so I do go over the top with the servicing and maintenance. All the work I’ve had done has been completed by Dan at Surrey Subaru Specialist (exceptions noted below), if he says I might need something done soon I get him to do it right away.

Don’t ask me why but for some reason I've fallen in love with Hatches and have also run into a bit of money, so plan is to sell Blob and buy Hatch 330. Subaru for ever! I'm in no rush to sell and if I think too hard about this I know I'll decide it makes far more financial sense to keep the Blob for a year or two. I do afterall love driving it.

When I bought it it was very standard. No modifications or tweaks at all. I wanted a car that would be easy and fun to drive and I wanted a familiar Subaru burble. So after talking to Dan he advised and proceeded with the following:-

snorkel delete
walbro 255 fuel pump
Pipercross dry panel filter
Prodrive (WR Sport) centre and back box. It has all the cats still.
Remap by Duncan (Race dynamix) to a nice 272bhp (graph to prove). tbh the best part of the remap has been the smoothness of acceleration.

I have also de-tangoed the lights. I still have the orange headlight bits, snorkel and standard air filter if you wish to return to standard (back box was rotten so I don’t have that). I have rubber subaru mats (including the rubber boot liner) and Scooby world luxury carpet mats.

One surprise I got when I took it for a check over by Dan at Surrey Subaru Specialists was that the lower front subframe was rotten. Quite a common problem apparently and difficult to spot as it’s covered by the under tray (worth keeping in mind when checking out other cars). Dan removed the old and replaced it with a brand new one from Subaru (15/09/14) which is quite an expense. Any inspection welcomed, I’ve inspected the underside each time Dan has had the car on the lift and nothing to worry about (It has been hamerited)

Here is a list of items and work I’ve had completed on the car over the last 12 months. I have receipts for all. Key bits in green...

(£190) Pioneer FH-X700BT Head unit with hands free, USB. Integrates with smart phone. I use my iphone.
(£450) 20/04/14: 4 x Goodyear F1 AY2. These were put on with 59k on the clock. Loads of tread still left
(£693) 26/04/14 Cam belt, Alternator & PAS, A/C Belt, Front brake caliber rebuild, new front brake discs, new front pads..and a general safety check all round.
(£722) 05/06/14 New rear discs and pads, Full large service, all filters, all fluids changed
Also got the A/C recharged at Halfords in the summer. I’m sure the receipt is in my book somewhere.
(£83) Scoobyworld Luxury carpet mats
(£402) 15/09/14 Minor service (change oil, filter etc), brand new lower front subframe!, Upgraded fuel pump 255 Walbro, Fitted 2nd hand WR Sport ProDrive centre and back box.
(£35) PiperCross Panel filter.
(£420) 28/11/14 Duncan (RaceDynamix) remapped at SRR. I have the printout showing 271.8bhp. It is a lot faster now but the biggest improvement for me has been the smoothness of the drive now. Much nicer to drive.I'd highly recommend getting this done even if you're not looking for extra power.
(£62) 12/12/04 New A/C belt Idler Pulley
(£255.59) 30/01/15 Interim service
(£70) 09/02/2015 Replacement knock sensor (By Jap Performance Parts)
(£273) 20/03/15 Refurb front calibers and New MOT.
(£700) April  Calipers and bonnet professionally painted (due to stone chips)

Service stamps in the book or service receipts

22/07/04 1,418
17/06/05 9,321
05/07/06 18,514
11/07/07 25,915
09/07/08 33,310
22/07/09 38,118
30/06/2010 Subaru Timing belt 42,216
21/07/2011 46,475
02/04/14 58,286
26/04/14 Cambelt etc (see above)
05/06/14 61,004
15/09/14 65,687
30/01/15 69,267

The few things I was planning to sort out were:

1. If I'm hyper critical the wheels could do with a refurb.

2. few minor scuffs on the glove

Apart from that interior and exterior are in very good condition for age. No rusty arches here icon_biggrin.gif



I've been offered £4k trade-in....so if anyone can match that you have a deal. 

Please no test pilots or tire kickers. Also, if you want to test drive you’ll have to show me an insurance cert and driving licence, sorry.

You can view the car in either Reigate Surrey evening, weekends and some week days....or Essex most week days…..or I could swing by on the way home if you are anywhere in-between. I may also be tripping around the country at certain points looking at 330's...

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Sounds like a fair price mate, considering what's gone into her,

I dread to think how much I've spent but like you say it's a hobby. Good luck with the sale if you decide to move her on sooner rather than later

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I've now replaced both reg plates with new ones, I also have auto glass booked to fix the small stone chip...

And I've also booked it in this week to have the brake calibers painted and the bonnet stone chips sorted. [emoji15][emoji1] so someone is going to get a cracking car or I'm going to keep it...one or the other. I'll post some new pics up next weekend once all the work is done.

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Yup... Yaris... all 70hp of it!! I'm using it as my work car at the moment as I'm doing more miles than normal due to temporary living arrangements. Tell you, the easiest way to make your Subaru feel a lot faster? Drive a Yaris for a week, then go drive your Scoob :D 

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Hi All,

Well few months later and new house found and our house up for sale. Mrs has approved a parallel car purchase...woohoo :grin: So car back up for sale.

I've spent over £4k on the car in the last 12-14 months. I've been offered £4k for a trade-in so in an effort to sell it to a Scoob fan rather than a company who'll then sell it on for £5.5k+ I'm selling it now for the price of £4k!!!



Looking on Autotrader at £4k I could only find GX or WRX with 90-140,000 miles and no where near the same history condition as mine.  So grab yourself a bargain before I sell to the trade icon_smile.gif 



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