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Hi new to this and advice would be appreciated


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No problem fella "scoob" is like a different language but once you understand the basics the rest is plain sailing .

Generally uk turbos are based on the wrx (same internals and cams) with a longer ratio box and different trim than their jdm wrx counterparts .

Of course it does depend on exact year and condition but a my98 uk will have a tdo4 turbo pushing about 0.7 bar producing 220 hp .

Typical "breathing" mods and a uprated fuel pump (just in case the original is a bit tired and fails) with a remap will max the turbo @ about 1.3 bar 270hp ish .

Next level of tune would be yellow 440cc injectors (if yours has greys 380cc) with a tdo5 or vf turbo you should see 320hp after a remap .

350 hp is about the max for internals and drivetrain (so it gets fairly expensive after then )

Your block type will probably be open deck

As for the engine version if the coil pack is in the centre it's a v3/v4 (phase 1.5 /inlet fuel set up)

If the coilpack is of set to the right as you look at the engine then it's a v5/v6 (phase 2 inlet/fuel set up)

Ask away if I haven't answered or confused a issue [emoji6]

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