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2008 JDM wing mirrors (smaller than UKs)


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There's an eu directive that states the mirrors must be a certain size that corresponds with the car.

Something daft like, times the length and width of the body, divide by x and you'll come to the square area needed for the mirror.

Have you seen them in the rolls Royce phantom ?

I'd stuck them on if you don't like you can always shift them on

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just posted this on SN too..



started to clean them up tonight, also touched up a couple of stone chips.




this is me offering it up and the same level as the ones on the car.



quite a bit smaller and more rounded design.



I'm a bit worried about fitting the, door panel off etc :(
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I resprayed the triangle bit that fits to the a pillar on mine.

You just need to take the door card off, remove the tweeter and that gives you access to the 3 bolts that hold the mirror to the a pillar. The only issue I had was that the multi plug didn't fit through the hole in the a pillar so I had to cut the wires. Refitting meant resoldering the wires back on to the multi plug.

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