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More power!!!!!

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I would like to be able to boast about 400bhp but still use as a daily. I was reading on another site I think from the USA but they said that you don't need a bigger turbo to reach this power. Is this true or just some bloke that thinks he knows what he is on about? I'm running somewhere around 350 at the moment but unsure what miss have been done.

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Assuming your car is an 03 sti then standard engine will cope fine with 400. so its basic bolt on bits


turbo (sc42 or similar)

BIgger injectors (700's)

Cold air induction kit (wing mounted)

Full decat


up pipe

front mount

possibly a oil cooler kit (thermosticly controlled), heat may be an issue

3 port boost solenoid

and personaly i would go aftermarket ecu, alcatek or syvecs is best option but ain't cheap.


to anwer your question, yes you will need a bigger turbo, v35 wont run 400.

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Depending in who you speak to 330ish normal sort of results on new age sti with decat and map, turbo is the limiting factor. Beware mappers or tuners claiming high figures because there either bs or pushed so hard during mapping they run to agressive timing and suffer det issues.

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Well the rolling road was dated 2013 and its still running fine without any other remap up to now but I've gone on a run with some of the soc guys running 350 and they said it still pulled like there's but after I put my new back box on the car smells like it's running rich

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