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Hi all and looking for my next ride!!


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I`ve fixed enough of these cars to now say i am hooked...

Early or late cars they are just awesome.

Been building gearboxes for 20+ years and i love the way these cars drive and handle.

I am after a version 5 or 6 STI in white, unmolested with low miles.

Can`t wait to wander around this site to see what you lot have got in your garage :)  Ian.

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Hi n welccome

Always fancied either a white or grey classic (ended up with 2 silver ones) good luck with the search[emoji106]

Working on gearboxes is a bit like witchcraft in my eyes, so i might have to pick your brains at some point[emoji5]

Sounds like you know your way around a scoob but there's a buyers guide on here and dont forget the pics once you find one

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shame my mate just sold his sti6 which was seriously fast! was on ebay for a few days then got a text last night saying it sold

May of seen it Matt but i still think finding the right car will take a while as there is alot of s**t about. Also need to sell my current project first or the missus would `cut em off` :huh:

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