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Club Show flag/s Donation


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Can all payment be made via friends or family/gift whatever they call it anything sent otherwise will have tax taken off and will reduce the amount we have for flag/s


Anyone who wants to have the forum name listed with payment can you please add a note on the paypal payment. All names will be listed below, anyone who doesnt add a note I will take it you want to remain anonymous.

We greatly appreciate all donation toward the flag/s so every little helps. And as always there is no obligation to feel like you have too. 

But for all that do I'd like to thank you all now with all my respect. 



Any Donation can it please be made to prose7@gmail.com 




  1. Gambit £10
  2. Gaulson £10
  3. Boozydave (complete with sofa fluff 74p) 
  4. Scooby Ghost  :) Thank you £5
  5. david1972 Thank you £5 
  6. Widesam £5
  7. Martyc  £10
  8. Jay £10
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It's fine mate Just as and when I appreciate it's all done as hand out's so don't expect floods of money coming it straight away :D but £20 already good start :) 

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Yup Ill get something across to you chum - just waiting for the crap company I am working through at moment to address the invoice I submitted 5 weeks ago gggrrrrr!!!  :angry: 

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No worries mate. I know exactly what you mean one more recent did a job only £79 3 month been waiting to get paid im guessing I'm not getting it now but I won't be doing more work for them either.

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