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New member, just about to become a Subaru Owner

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I thought I'd pop in and introduce myself, I'l the man with no name, or Luke to my friends, and I am about to take ownership of my first Subaru. In this case a Forester STi. 


What can I say, after a couple of rally experience days and having a tool about in a friends' Impreza WRX I had an itch that needed scratching.


I like the slightly out of the ordinary, so decided I couldn't go down the WR Blue, gold wheels route, it is a good look, its just not me though, so I spent six months trawling the internet and around the country looking for a car that fit my requirements. 


Of course there will be pictures when I have it, but I have managed to secure a Black FSTI with extra black, and black on the side. I'm chuffed as hell and cannot wait. 


Six. More. Days. 


Edit to add: I'm in Manchester and would be interested to meet other Subaru owners, especially anyone who has an FSTi to share tips and info!



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There's a question! 


I've no idea at the moment. Other than making it a tad bit more subtle - there are a LOT of large STI badges all over it at the moment, I've not decided much beyond toning it down a bit. 


At 330bhp/tq it should satisfy power wise for a good while, however I've found myself looking at the BC Racing website this morning, and of course will be playing around with brake pads and compounds to see what works best. 


Other than that, I've had my eye on a couple of sets of ProDrive wheels as I understand the standard FSTI wheels are a tad errm, lardy. 


Of course I've said this about every car I've owned 'no of course it will be pretty much standard' which never lasts! 


I have some very bad friends who will certainly try to convince me that having a bit more power, and slightly more braking, and a tad sniff lower won't hurt! 

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Heheh! Sounds about right! 


Although from what I've read so far, much more power will require some hardening of engine internals on mine so hopefully the prospect of an engine rebuild/spare engine will keep the mod itch at bay for a while. 


I can see an Android based carputer being far higher up the list in the short term. 

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Yes, the OBD scanner thing I have - I'll be running through the Torque Pro app - it shows up lots of juicy data in my BMW and my Wife's Civic Type R - I can't imagine the Forester will be missing out, provided the PID outs are readable by ELM or CAN. 


Thanks Stants! 

Yes, on the test drive it was a car of two halves - suprisingly refined when just having a tootle about, but an utter beast when a few gears were dropped and the throttle mashed! 


The power delivery is seriously smooth though, really flat torque all the way through and no discernible boost threshold/lag. I think Iain's team did a superb job!  


The Performance pack was a three inch turbo back milltek with sport cat, a freer flowing filter and a map, so a nice rounded package. 


The intercooler is the standard STI unit (for now)...please feel free to tell me more about huge topmounts though, as I've been playing with the idea of a filthy great front mount as well! 


As a point of interest - is there any chance it was you I saw making some nice progress coming off the M6 at J21 a week or so back from Wigan? If not there is a chap with a very similar SF about the place! 

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Haha no it wasn't me I very rarely make it over that side of the hill in the car, mainly work van.

I saw someone who had an ex Litchfield demo fsti in blue had the performance pack plus a massive topmount i/c full whitline bracing and some other bits leather etc etc.

May be able to dig out a pic

As for fellow fsti owners they are few and far between, I know of two in leeds and a couple down south. Have a look on UK forester as they have a few members with your model, once I've either won the lottery or decided about wedding/house plans my aim is to get a fsti

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Tell me about it! Its taken what feels like a lifetime to get mine! 


Just for a bit of temptation, I do know of one in North Manchester/Stockport area that is up for sale, its a pre-facelift in champagne metallic with a fairly recent roger clarke rebuild. 


Sadly it was private sale which ruled me out in the end, but its only a smidge over £8k! 


Remember: You can live in a car, but you can't drive a house... 

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Ooh ! Bargain I no offence ment but I prefer the pre facility one, the lower front bumper looks more agressve. Sadly I don't have any money saved up, in the two years I've had her she's had new suspension, tyres 2xwheels, full exhaust map & supporting mods and other bits haha

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Oh, none taken at all, the pre-facelift is the far better looking car! Until this one came up I was pretty much closed to the later one, its pretty much the fact its triple black, Litchfield, low miles and 1 owner (and priced way too low - good for me!) which made me take the trip to see it.  


That said I don't think I've ever owned a 'pretty' car! Hell, I've been rattling round in a BMW 1 series for the last 3 years so the facelift Forester is still an improvement! :D 


That one really is a bargain, and I did my best to man maths it, but needed to trade in the 1er to make the numbers work. 


It really will be a complete bargain for the next lucky owner, that is if the current chap can bear to let go of it! He's pretty well attached to the thing, even though it sits in his back yard most of the time being a garden ornament! 

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Cheers Jay


I'll get some pics up as soon as I have her home. I have a nice 300 mile trip home planned - the car is 75 miles away!


On order so far are: 


Black STI badges and dark smoke film to tone down the current badging a tad - will review quality of the purchased badges and go from there. 

Lots of make things shiny things courtesy of autoglym, 3m and Poorboys

Hopes for a dry BH weekend on the 23rd so I can make really shiny

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Oh cool, that's a nice little bit of history there. 


I've watched that clip so many times in my search. I think the GoPro is going to be expanding the number of FSTi clips on YouTube, however I can't promise they'll be anything like as talented or good, and certainly not as attractive as VBH - I am, after all a fat, bearded, middle aged bloke with barely 5% her talent!

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Ah well least you've still got hair I started going bald when I was 18, i'm hoping to have my go pro soon, bought it for holiday so according to the wife 'I'm not allowed it till then but get your vid links up on here too, we did the buttertubs pass run the other week great day out and no gatsos anywhere !

What insurance group is yours in ? Just for a bit of future planning [emoji51]

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I got mine for holiday as well, we had a diving trip to Thailand at the beginning of the year! 


Good to know about Buttertubs. I'll keep that one in mind. 


I've no clue at all what group it's in but I'm quite pleased that I'm paying about 750 fully comp, agreed value and all mods declared with acceptable excesses and a whole bunch of other perks like key cover etc. As a comparison, its only costing me about 70 more than the BMW albeit with half the mileage and no business use. All that and in a just-about Manchester postcode! 

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That's not to bad at all, mine sits a couple of groups lower than a wrx so I was wondering if the fsti did the same.

Have a look at some of the shows/events coming up would be good not to be the only foz there

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