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in video we say 5200 is day light and 3200 is tungsten or most light bulbs.


As a rule 6000k will give you close to day light (White) 


You also want a quality kit or no matter the light colour you pick it will end up looking blue.


Also please make sure you fit projects if you car dose not already have them and check the cut off lines are sharp as if not you will blind oncoming drivers.

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been looking at hids but on some of the kits they say (kelvin) whats the difference

I have a pair of blobeye headlights with hid kit for sale,i'll have to look when i get home from work what power the ballests are on them.
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There is also the factor that HIDs in Non-HID compliant Lamps (if it ain't factory, it ain't allowed) is an instant MOT fail from a couple of years back.


Just a factor to consider. There are many Halogen lamps that have a cooler/bluer colour if that's what you're looking for, and if you want brightness, I've seen 70W lamps which shouldn't cause you any negative effects. 100W's are a risk as they get very hot and have the potential of melting.... more than your headlights.


This is all from my VAG scene modding, so idk what may be different on the Subarus, but just some words of warning ☺

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^ like I said if they spot it at MOT, it is illegal & main issue is insurance should they decide get picky or you have vehicle inspected by police or insurance engineer after an accident. I don't use HID lights on non compliant cars as it would cause me potential legal problems as a business & the quality of the cheap kits is 5hite, just modding the standard connectors if poor condition to ceramic & using top quality bulbs is best answer for most people .

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