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Wheels - Style and design

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Good evening all,


First off this is my first post for any kind of proper discussion so bare with me, I'll head over to the welcome section next  :) . I am from a VW background, my old man was vw too and well as you know its all about being low and slow euro style.


Trying to get my head around what works with blobs, wheel wise. I have seen a lot of cars resting on Rota Drift / Grid is it? am aware the americans love the xxr's and i have to say I rather like the 527's...


....but...they are kinda common not that it stops me from short listing them, though reading other forums they come in for a lot of stick specifically quality.


Latter teenage years I grew up around a P1, with its 18inch oz rims in that grey, which looked smart but a cant place my finger on it, not euro.

VW was all about the dish so I suppose that's were the xxr 527's hold appeal as they concave - Chromium black of course.


I respect you get what you pay for before someone says it :P. Was forever knocking dents out the Brock B5's as a teenager!


What do you lot think, Jap cars UK styles?

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I go for function ! Light and strong !

Vw scene is well **** really , sorry most of em are pricks ! Oh look at my bling rims on budget stretche'd tyres

But that's my local lot I think

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Always been a focused on the handling and performance side of things. Taught my wife to drive in a MK2 Golf GTD which was a 1990 1.6 turbo Diesel (with a tweaked fuel pump) stiffer suspension etc, nothing major just a great runner, sold it with 218k on the clock but a lot of fun for £700 at the time.


Not into sump scraping, just why!?, but i think its a social conditioning type of thing, like those who see fords and vauxhall's through rose coloured glasses, I just don't get it.


I'll look up those wheels, and give the members galleries a skim at some point for inspiration.

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You have a point, I drive a Skoda Octavia vRS atm and whille its comfy and spirited for a diesel, I drove Colin/ScoobyGhost's classic at a meet a couple of weeks back and wow then I realised just how dull the experience is in the vw group cars.


Experienced ford twice in the form of the focus's, just TDCi's, but not vauxhall so cannot comment.

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I like most quick motors tbh and hadn't owned anything jap until 3yrs ago when I bought my first scoob and I'm well committed /smitten with the boxer burble now .

As for rims there's a massive selection but ride height (coil overs ?) And brake set up will narrow down the options a bit but that's one of the things I like most about this particular forum the wide variety of subarus and tastes without prejudice (well apart from Matt with his love for bug eye's lol)

If I like something I'll do it or fit it ,after all it's my money , my car and I like to be different .rotas do seem to be a popular choice but I like my rota boosts as you don't see many on the classics .

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