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hi, sorry didn't know where to post this but is anyone having trouble logging onto this site using tapatalk? 

as of about an hour ago it won't let me log in using my iphone, keeps asking for my user name and password.. which i put in correctly and it just comes up with an error?





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Forum did an update today and has been shady since so will see if I can get it sorted ASAP :) Sorry about the delays and f@ck up. You can all spank me later Muhaha ^_^  

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Just posted three times is this one showing ? Android dave ! None of that ios rubbish for me [emoji51]

So it kept sticking me in as a guest but when i signed in said error so came out and 'joined' using login details, now I can't post so I've logged out &back in again and the theme has reverted so hopefully this will work ?

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