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Well I've bought another Forester .This time I've bought a sf5.Low miles (90k) and full history with 2 previous owners. Did all the belts the first week and a full service.Once I knew it was a good one I started to spend some cash on it.

So far its had full decat and exhaust (had 5 so far) currently Hayward & Scott, Still intercooler,Prodrive silicone pipework,Td04 with td05 actuator,green filter,new radiator,Exedy clutch and new lightened flywheel,Gearbox and diff oils changed,sti roll bars, Wrx pro calipers and sti rears with Black diamond drilled and vented discs,new sunroof motor,BBS spec C wheels,import spoiler ,Prodrive mud flaps, debadged grill,Ecutek (Andy Forest map) running 1.3bar at about 270-280bhp.Full waxoiled with Wrx shocks ànd Prodrive springs.

Still to fit a few whiteline goodies then its finished.As with all my little projects once I've finished they get sold.here she is




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Couldn't have told you what the offset was but I had Tanabe Superstreets on and they rubbed the strut without spacers.With the Wrx shocks its fine but I run 3mm hubcentrics to make the wheels sit better in the arches.

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