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First step to recovery- addict corner


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Hi my name is Martin and i am here to admit my problem.

It started 8 or so years ago, drooling over the offbeat warble of imprezas driving past. I vowed to myself-one day i would have one. Several years passed and i kept putting off buying one, saying I'd wait til i earn more etc... this year i thought sod it, I'm having one.

So now I've got a 2003 wrx, i spend all my spare time and cash cleaning, fettling, looking or buying new parts, hiding them in the boot til they get fitted. My missus thinks i love Suzy (the car) more than her.

I do. It gives me less grief and I'm more likely to get lucky with it. And we love getting dirty together before washing all of her curves and caressing her intimate parts, covering her in thick gloopy liquid before massaging it in.

My name is Martin, I'm an addict in love with my Impreza, what's your story?

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Wotcha and welcome matey, feel free to get stuck in many members in various stages of recovery / addiction on here, we do like an exhibitionist so dont be camera shy :)

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I know admitting you have a problem is the normally the first step .......

But I've found that once you've started modding a scoob it's just one big slippery slope from there

I started off by telling the Mrs "just a exhaust n remap then I'll be happy" ....

3yrs, forge build ,6 speed and a reshell later I'm happy but by no means finished[emoji4]

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No worries :-)

I keep finding myself looking for my next hit to satisfy my urges, but the more you get into it the more you need to satisfy the craving.

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