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wrx 05 - 212 whp?


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Hi all

A week ago I bought a wrx sportwagon 05.

The car is in mint condition with 54k miles, full service history, etc.

My first impression was that it seems to pull a lot better than a stock wrx which I've driven before.

I just discovered in the folder where receipts were kept from the previous owner a Dyno Dynamics print out with MAX - 212 WHP. 

Surely, that cannot be stock. Pesumaby that's about 270 on the crank??

I do not mind the extra power since I was thinking of fitting the PPP anyway and the handling package 1.

My only concern is that the dealer wasnt aware of this and there is no proof.

Any easy way of finding out what really is under the bonnet?!! 

I'm based in Weston Super Mare, so if you have any good garage to recommend please do so.


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Hello sounds like it's been remapped, only way to know is look at the ecu cover or in the engine bay for a sticker belonging to the mapper, does it tell you who's done it on the dyno sheet ?

Is there a receipt for an uprated fuel pump at all ? The standard wrx will take a map without much in the way of supporting mods

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Thanks for the reply.

No there isn't any sticker or any receipt for this.

There is a name on the dyno sheet.

I suppose I could contact them?

It was only done 6 months ago.

One lady owner for nine years and another one for about 9 months.

Eveything is in place and the last owner spent about about £1000 on servicing and pzero tyres 6 months ago.

It seems to good to be true, although I do think I overpayed a bit. 

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As above, sounds like its been mapped. Can always pop down and see the boys at engine tuner to put it on the dyno and give it a health check.


but ppp is roughly 265 at the crank iirc so sounds about right

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Thanks guys.

Has anyone fitted this or something similar in this price range?

Is it worth it without lowering package?



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Good upgrades there and well worth it without the loqeing package, however personal preference i'd leave the front bar standard and just get the uprated rear and anti lift kit, as I prefer a bit of oversteer

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This was my thought as well!

After years of driving MX5's in track days (in Greece), would you recommend adjusting the camber at the front at lets say -1 or -1.5 for better exits with a bit of oversteer.

Is it generally possible to do this and work well on a wrx?

Bear in mind that my previous family car was a Legacy GT which I never had the heart to "play" with because MX's were my toys!

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I'm on 19 front 22mm arb and it turns in sweet as a nut now get a bit of lift off oversteer when the

Mood takes me, you can spend loads on camber/toe/caster adjustment anti lift kit and whitline topmounts will give you all the adjustment you need. As for setup I'm not sure as I'm looking into it this year now I've finished with adding bits for the time being

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Thanks for the info.

Do you have any idea of what the cost should be fitting the kit.

Should I find a subaru specialist or any "competent" enough mechanic would do?

Next step is Castle Combes open day - if they do any- for testing!

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