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Do all impreza's do this?

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Morning all, 


Yet another question!  ^_^


When I'm turning around a tight bend, the steering wheel pulses,  :huh:   Hard to describe but it almost feels like its pulling against my input a little...


Any ideas or is this normal?



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Also, how do you perform a full de-charge of the car? (to make ecu learn fuel etc again)


Think most people will disconnect the Battery and then press the break peddle until the lights dont come on anymore the leave it for a while before reconnecting the Battery.


There is another way but sure this was more complicated. 

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The theory is if you use lower octane rated fuel the timing will !Removed! for safe running, if you put vpower in and reset the ecu the car will 'relearn' the fuel octane and advance the timing to where it and the info from the knock sensor etc feel it should be, it will of course learn it if you don't do a reset but resetting the ecu will do it faster and you will get the benefit of the 50 quids worth of fuel you just put in from the get go

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