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I have a dilemma!


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Hi all, 


Well the plan was to dip my foot into Scoobs by buying a cheap one to see how much I like them in real life driving etc, 


So I got a completely standard WRX 01 Estate 3 weeks ago that's done 140k, and I love it! (especially when the clutch is fixed)



But now I have a dilemma, I LOVE to modify cars and research how to eek every last bhp out of an engine and make it a reflection of my personality (not chavy! haha) 



But due to the age and mileage of my car, I have a couple of options in front of me:


1 - Keep the WRX for 1 or 2 years, keep is standard, then sell it, and get a slightly newer one with less miles (blob, hawk), perhaps with some ProDrive parts already on it, then keep it for a few years and modify it etc etc



2 - Keep it for a few years and Modify the sh*t out of it and hope something doesn't blow up and don't think about how much it owes me when I come to sell



What would you guys do?  :blink:

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depends how good of an example it is too start with i would say, if its been looked after mileage isnt an issue, my old bugeye was on 144k when i got rid and that made 272 bhp on the rollers.


if i was you i would say,

panel filter or cone

exhaust system, with decats


fuel pump

this will see you about 270bhp mark depending on turbo, and these arnt really mods to make potential buyers avoid either.

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hmm, Seems like they are pretty well built, 


And after this Sat it will have brand new clutch and two front refurb callipers, 


Thanks for the list of mods, what would you recommend?: 


panel filter or cone (will buy K&N panel?)


exhaust system, with decats (where from and how much ish?)


remap (ecuteck?)


fuel pump (what rating, and where best place buy?)


Thanks ! 

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I'll tell you what I went for as you know the gains I have.

Cosworth panel filter

3" decat downpipe

3" cat back back resonated centre exhaust

Roger Clarke Motorsport fuel pump

Ecutek remap @racedynamix

3 port boost solenoid.

My full exhaust cost me £100 I don't know the make as it was second hand but made really good power so I can't complain.

As to filters. Some like panel some like cones. Jury is out. I went for a panel so I could keep the standard looking engine bay.

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- Salsa King; due to lower running costs and initial purchase cost the WRX is way more bang per buck for me (don't get me wrong would love one) (especially modded), 


- ScoobyGhost; thanks I would be very happy if i dropped on an exhaust for £100! + Yes I would prefer to keep standard looks too as its listed in the insurance as un modded haha

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Phil, have you got any links to newage wagon STI's for sale? they are a very rare beast


if it is a good, clean example I'd keep it and mod it.

my blob was completely std when I bought it, 100k on the clock and it made 242bhp on the rollers


'green' panel filters always give results, most induction kits get similar to uprated panel filters

a decat up pipe and down pipe, new fuel pump 255l (I've had 2 walbro's and they have both failed within 18 months, been running one of these for over 2 years - either 341 or 342 http://www.racespecperformance.com/index.php/performance-parts/engine/fuel-pumps.html), and a remap (ecutec usually £550 or open scource £350ish). will probably cost about 1k and you should be getting 270ish bhp and that will be a quick car

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lol, ive had a few that will scare most scoobs! 


my mates got a vectra vxr running near 400 bhp tho its !Removed! wheel drive, you can get the saab aero X which is 4wd and same layout 


another mate had a 350bhp zaf gsi but just killed the engine so is doing a 2.8T conversion on it 

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Im running td05, not much life left in it though, decat, tmic, standard weak **** injectors, 380 greys on v2, remapped via z4-esl board to 262bhp, id recommend all the above mods, and then if youre looking for more power try a td05 or a decent vf or newer equivalent then just get map updated, just keep on top of that bottom end

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