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Oops Best Say hello

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Hi all


Just realised I have been a member on her for over 2 years and never introduced myself or even posted..... :(


I have owned my Hawk WRX for just short of 3 years and put just over 70k on the clock in that time.


She's my daily driver doing approx 100 miles a day for my work commute.


Just passed 146,000 on standard internals with no replacements except a porous sump, and the obvious Cambelts and Spark plugs.


Had a few external tweaks, but nothing as yet under the bonnet, thinking of building a spare project engine in the garage over the winter and dropping it in when done.


Just not sure what size to build 2.0   2.1   2.35 or 2.5  all would be fully forged.


Though I would just tag a picture on too   :wub:



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hi mate
welcome to the club
car looks great B)
engine wise - what power do you want? the gearbox will be the weak point point, the hawk has the strongest 5 speed, usually rated up to 380bhp, but some are still running fine with 400-420bhp. it depends how sympathetic you are and if you ever launch it.
I would keep with the std 2.5 size and aim for 360-380 bhp and over 400lb torque, that will make a fast road car (smaller, punchy turbo) you should still get ok fuel economy too with 550 injectors (they are big enough for 420bhp+)


@3.5 BAR



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Ahh glad you say that


I was swaying towards the 2.5, not looking for huge power, its the torque I get addicted to...  :D


380 / 400 would do me just dandy... and can keep the standard box.


Will be on the lookout for an engine in the very near future.....  ;)

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380bhp/400lb should be ok as long as you don't launch it, fast starts are ok as long as you get biting point first (best way to think about it is- if you stand a foot from a wall facing it, put your fist against the wall, then extend your arm and push yourself away as fast as you can. now try again, but leave a 6" gap between fist and wall......) that's what kills gearboxes

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