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Wanted Standard Exhaust Manifold for Impreza Turbo 2000 UK Model


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Hi there, ive just bought my first Scooby, a UK Classic 2000 turbo Saloon on a V Reg, it has a race manifold fitted  that makes it sound raspy on high boost, has anyone got a standard manifold in good condition kicking around for sale? Does anyone know if the WRX models of this shape would fit also?





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I haven't got one for sale maybe try a local breakers or get some ported ones from Asperformance. All v1 (93) to v6 (00) classic standard exhaust manifolds are the same .

Only real difference is 93 to early 96 have the lambda sensor pre upipe (in the headers) and all later models run from a lambda in the downpipe with a factory bung supplied in the hole the early lambda sensor goes .

If you're reverting back to oe headers try to find a set with good heatsheilds on or wrap them before fitting

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