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Who's been flyering at lakeside?


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I feel like I'm missing out on something now and need to know. 


This is like one of them facebook status from someone on your friends list that puts



"God I'm fuming if I could murder someone and get away with it I would" 


"Why whats up Hun?"


"Nothing Inbox me I'll tell you all about it"



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Haha fair enough pretty funny though :D Hopefully good bunch And I like the fact you did it to be fair [emoji38]

We smash the fliers out. Haven't had any join from what I've seen though [emoji22] there's 7 of use covering Kent in fliers lol that was one of my many trips to Essex. It's my old haunting ground [emoji2]
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Well it's been noticed mate and asked about so not a waste of time :D Just hope it gets the same type of members we already have Genuine Subaru fans I've looked at the facebook wall they seem to be for the same goals we have more disappointed we hadn't been heard off Haha  :lol:

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