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boost pill


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Hi & welcome, is the car standard ?

Also depends on what type of boost solinoid you have if it's a two port on the restrictor pill should be in the small line between the actuator and tee piece


If a three port it is in the lower hose from the solinoid


It controls the boost people open them up a little or fit bigger pill to gain a bit more boost but it's not the best idea

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The boost pill is in the vacumm lines between the actuator, turbo outlet vacuum and the boost solinoid (the exact location varies depending on version of scoob )

It's basically a narrow hole that the vacuum pressure squeezes through to keep it flowing at a steady pressure while the engine is under different loads

ie uphill fully laden car would produce a different inlet manifold pressure to a unladen empty car going downhill at the same revs in the same gear ,which in turn will affect how the vacuum boost control system would respond (reducing the risk of over boost)

There's a list of oe restrictor pill positions and sizes I put up on here (somewhere) and once you know what size and where it should be they're normally cheap and relatively available at subaru main dealers

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Never tried the "blue pills" before but I heard if they get stuck in your throat when you swallow them they give you a stiff neck [emoji4]

And if you get them in your eye they make you look hard [emoji15]

Personally I don't think there's any drug that would make me think a Fiat 500 was beefy enough for me to want one [emoji23]

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