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Came across this on UK foz


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Yeh I like the way he's written the add then copied some info from another site that contradicts his own write up,

Unfortunately the log book issue seems to be a big selling point on the bay, see a lot of adds that say the same thing, at the end of the day if your daft enough to take the risk then you've got it all coming to you, mine was down as a gl on the database but stb on logbook, till I called them up

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Well thats a bit of good news for you stants [emoji4]

If that unmapped high milage auto foz is worth 7k your tidy tastefully modded and remapped foz must be worth at least 12k[emoji41]

Hope whoever buys it insures it correctly ,cos if they hit sombody else while doing doughnuts in mc'ds carpark the insurance won't pay out [emoji19]

Think he needs a "check up from the neck up " [emoji57]

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Haha didn't think about that sav, Bonus !

Bet you he's not told the them his gl is worth 6k when declaring the value to his insurance,

Where's he managed to find the RAC write up and valuation ?

It's got disaster written all over it, mbc horrible dv attached and no map, not to worry it's an sti lump so should be able to take the boost [emoji52]

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