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Hello, new to the group and after some advice please?


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I recently bought myself a classic impreza. Its a 1996 2.0L turbo and its an import model. It is 1 of a 1000 to commemerate Colin McRae winning his championship in 1995.


I have found out a have a leaking shocker and have decided to get a brand new full set for the car. Im happy to spend around £700 on a set and if possible from a good brand.


The question that i have is what is better to use normal or coilovers?


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Thankis Adam

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It depends on what you intend on using the car for and personal preference Imo

I know a few people like to "stance" their scoobs with the belly on the ground on coilovers

Or if you intend on doing a few track days then coilovers are probably the best option as they offer a wider range of adjustment to suit the track and your driving style .

For fast road use I've gone for standard kyb shocks , group n top mounts, Elbaich camber bolts and Elbaich pro springs which are progressive rate. The springs stiffen up under load in the corners but are more forgiving in a straight line (pothole friendly ) they also lower the UK /wrx by 30 mm

As for which type of coilovers (if you chose that route) your better off having a google to make a informed choice as there's pros n cons with most brands and loads of feedback from people who actually run coilovers on their gc8's

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Cheers for the advice.


Il be using it as an everday road car for now so il probably stick to just standard. i wouldnt mind lowering it a little bit just to make it look abit meaner aswell :)


il have too have a shop around to find the right ones at the right price.


Thanks again.

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Il have a look at them now. What sort of quality do you get from pedders?

Cheers Adam

I've got a set of foz specific ones that have been on just over a year, good quality good customer service and a 2 year warranty over all I wanted a slight drop and comfort, so went for them instead of coil overs
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