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2006 Legacy 3.0R Spec B exhaust upgrade & re-map??

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Newbie asking;


Recently bought a 2006 BPE variant Legacy 3.0R Spec B tourer,58500 genuine mls, full history.


The middle CAT back to tailpipes part of the exhaust has seen better days,

both rear boxes are ok, but the exhaust is probably original anyway.

Current exhaust isn't leaking but would like to re-new it with stainlees steel or something 'nice' !!  Any suggestions around Chesterfield, Derbyshire ??


Also like to get a re-map after any new exhaust was fitted, but not sure if/how realistic a re-map is on the 3.0H6 lump?


Thanks for any info ;)

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Hello & welcome David1972 has had a new cat back stainless system on his and he has a thread somewhere.

I'm not entirely sure a remap is worth while on the h6, i'm sure people have looked into this aswell I just can't find a link for you at the moment

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Thanks stants for taking the time to reply, it's appreciated,

and i'm still finding my way around the site so not sure how to 'pick up a thread' so to speak, but any info on David1972 is welcome.


I've seen re-maps advertised for the 3.0 H6, but from what info I've found on-line etc,

 if I have an upgrade exhaust it may affect the running of the engine so a re-map would adjust the engine to the new exhaust----

if you know what I mean lol.

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Are you using the tapatalk app ? It's a bit of a pain but if you tap on a reply from a member and then use the dots at the top should let you either look at a users profile or send them a private message,

To be honest I wouldn't go with a generic mapping company, maybe for vag group cars etc but ours are very sensitive to changes mainly turbo cars benifit, if you only do a cat back upgrade the car will run fine with the new exhaust as all the sensors will be in place it's only when you start messing with removing the cats and deleting the sensors the map is worthwhile.

I'll dig out davids exhaust thread up for you

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Cheers stants.

All that makes sense re the re-map, so i'll defo not jump in after having the new exhaust fitted.

See how things run for a while eh?


I'll try out the tapatalk mm,now lets see !!

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Yes it can be remap and with great results. I myself through XRT or Xtreme Racing Tuning offers it.


Results are shown below:-


Dyno Graphs: - http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=88&t=361&start=10

Customer Reviews:- http://www.xtremeracingtuning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=457


If you have any questions, email me - info@xtremeracingtuning.com

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Hi Tidgy,

I emailed Scoobyclinic last week as it happens, re a price for a 60k service on my Spec B, and also enquired about a re-map.

The reply I had was 'there isn't a re-map for the 3.0 H6,they are what they are', which to be honest surprised me.

As you point out they are on my doorstep, and I have used them previously, for a service on a 2003 3.0 Outback.


It was dis-appointing to just be told there isn't a re-map available, not even pointed in the direction of someone who does the re-map on the H6 lump.

Maybe it's because I don't have an Impreza,they weren't interested, sad if that is the case though.


I've just dropped my car in today for a 60k service anyway at Farmers Subaru Specialist in Matlock, Derbyshire.

They quoted £450 inc VAT for the full 60k service, plugs etc etc,which I was happy to pay. Only thing not included was the rear diff oils, which they will check and update me with condition of the oils, and if they need changing it will add another £80 inc VAT etc, so total of £530.


Went for a quote last week for a Powerflow stainless steel exhaust from Springbok garage near Chesterfield, an authorised Powerflow dealer, and was quoted approx. £550 inc VAT,for middle CAT back exhaust and choice of tips.

Told me it will take a day to complete, and they have already confirmed they can do a re-map for circa £300, with power increase to approx. 280/290bhp,with a 7 day trial & refund, and re-set everything back to original settings if the re-map doesn't work, or if there isn't a power gain or increase in mpg, so all in all sounds pretty good deal to me.


I'll be booking the car in for the exhaust first in a couple of weeks, and then probably the re-map.

Will update as things progress.

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