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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2010 hatch wrx and am considering getting it mapped. I am a little worried after I heard the factory tune runs lean and don't wanna get any trouble because of it. Hence I want to get the car tuned. (Obviously the extra power isn't exactly a downside either haha) Who do you recommend going to? I live down south in Dorset but I don't mind travelling a bit. I've read good stuff about scoobyclinic on this forum... Are they the goto people for tuning Subarus? Thank you in advance!
  2. afternoon all so long story short been told i need a remap, thought since it's being mapped i may aswell upgrade the fuel pump to the walbro 255, i just want to know will i need a map as soon as it's fitted or will it be ok for a couple of days, i know it will run like **** until it's mapped just need to know if it's safe,car is a 2003 wrx ppp. cheers
  3. Hello all. So I am about to upgrade my stock TD04L 13t turbo on my 2006 WRX. I waiting on my 19t conersion kit and 11 blade turbine wheel arriving. Any way I'm going to send the turbo down to Turbo Dymamic to get it rebuild and have the new parts fitted. I will of course get the car mapped however I was planning on getting the remap done a month or 2 after I've had the upgraded turbo fitted. My question is will the car to ok to drive prior to getting the car mapped? I know the performance will be affected but is there any other concerns regarding this? I wouldn't be thrashing it or anything Inbetween the new upgraded turbo being installed and the tune.
  4. Has anyone used Celtic Tuning for a diesel remap before? I'm looking around for someone near Edinburgh/Glasgow area and these guys seem to be nationwide. Remap cost is £360, and claims to take the Diesel engine up to 185bhp and 333lb/ft. I believe it's done via the OBD2 port. They seem to have a lot of good testimonials, but none for Subaru's. Any experience with them good or bad would be great.
  5. Got my car back from Eurospec performance garage today i was told it was all fixed and it didn't have a misfiring problem anymore. The car is producing 300bhp as he mapped it with the engine age in mind but I'm very happy with 300. The car seemed fine on the drive home but as soon as i got on a dual carriageway and thought i would test out my new power i got to 80mph and the car started to misfire, i couldn't believe it i have been without the car for a month and spent over £1200 and yet it still has the problem. This is the list of things the garage done to fix the misfiring problem 4 new coilpacks Fit and wired AIT sensor the car now runs without the maf sensor checked condition of cambelt new spark plugs Only seems to misfire when the engine heats up or if you go over 70-80mph but he was able to map it so i have no idea whats going on. Really don't know what to do now I've spent al my savings on this already and it still has the problem so i anyone has any ideas please share.
  6. Bit of a long story So when i bought my car a classic WRX JDM i took it for a dyno run and it came out with 231bhp . I have done a lot of modifications to it to achieve what a lot of people told me would easily make 300bhp so i booked it in at Eurospec for a new simtek ecu and remap. I was then told the car wasn't boosting properly only producing 180bhp and needed a new turbo. So new turbo bought it gets mapped again this time reaches 220bhp which is still 10 less than it started with 6 month ago. Ive been told now that it needs new coil packs as it keeps misfiring when you turn the boost up. When i asked the mapper if it could reach 300 he said maybe just under but I've been told to expect 320- 330 from others so i can't quite understand what is going on I've spent so much money now and lost horsepower i need help! Why am i getting such little horsepower?! Car is WRX Impreza 1994 JDM My car has: .front mounted intercooler .new spark plugs .K&N induction kit .440 yellow injectors .3inch Exhuast .New TDO5 Turbo
  7. Eurospec got back to me on the problem with the remap they reckon the the turbo has gone as the car is only producing 180 hp. They are charging 200 to fit a new turbo but how much should i expect to pay for a replacement tdo5 as i have no idea when it comes to turbos
  8. Car went into Eurospec performance garage for a remap yesterday it was going to be an all day job i was told as i was getting a simtek ECU fitted.Got a phone call 3 hours later saying there was a problem with the bar only reaching 0.7 then letting it all out? now i have no idea what this means but the guy told me they are keeping it till monday to try and sort it out. now i know its to do with the turbo and the boost but thats about it so if someone could explain what he is talking about and is it costing me money them keeping it longer? Already paid 650 for ecu and it was agreed 350 for the remap itself Cheers Brad
  9. So I hopefully purchasing a 2003 WRX 2.0 this week and looking into modifications. I have noticed a few places offer performance packs which I assume is cheaper than slowly doing upgrades and means everything is nicely suited. So far I have seen: 1. Prodrive (which I believe is subaru or subaru approved) - includes stainless steel silencer, bigger intercooler pipe & remap, website states £1112 (not sure if that includes fitting). 2. Scooby world - widemouth performance 304 grade stainless steel de-cat downpipe supplied and professionally fitted, decat performance up-pipe 304 grade stainless steel supplied and professionally fitted, upipe to Turbo Exhaust Gasket, uppipe to Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Gasket, turbo to Downpipe Exhaust Gasket, High flow Performance Panel Filter supplied and professionally fitted, Custom EcuTek ECU Re-map on the road - £1200 fitted 3. Scooby clinic - Performance Package 1 Price (all prices are +VAT) 3" Stainless Full Exhaust System £595 Induction Kit £199 Uprated Fuel Pump £165 (fitted) ECUTEK Remap £550 Package deal price £1,500 So the question is which one is the best? Scoobyworld seems to offer the most extras for the money? Clinic includes an uprated fuel pump which I would think is an important upgrade? And prodrive is the approved? Anyone have these upgrades / experience of the companies? Any others I should look at? Thanks
  10. Hi new to forum did a quick search **** findex owt so thort I'd ask. I recently had my 2008 wrx hatch remapped and the mapper told me he cudnt get the turbo to boost he sed he wanted 1.7 but only got 1.2 so not as much power as I wud av liked he told me it's cos it's on fully synthetic n I shud use semi synthetic oil seems strange to me tho any ideas? Also car has turbo back exhaust n piper cross panel filter
  11. Hi All, I thought I would join the forum as it seems like a place to meet Subaru owners. My first post is about the Dyno that I had done today. I have attached the Dyno Chart. The car is a 2006 WRX 2.5 5 Speed Is 316bhp and 380Lbft low with the following Mods? - Custom Map Forged Engine VF48 with Billet Wheel @ 1.35 Bar (Standard Actuator) Uprated STI TMIC GT Spec Headers DW 320lph Fuel Pump K&N Panel Filter 3 inch Downpipe with 2.5 inch to Prodrive Backbox Standard BOV/Injectors Other Mods- Just to introduce myself Alcon Front Brakes, BC Coilovers, TD wheels
  12. Newbie asking; Recently bought a 2006 BPE variant Legacy 3.0R Spec B tourer,58500 genuine mls, full history. The middle CAT back to tailpipes part of the exhaust has seen better days, both rear boxes are ok, but the exhaust is probably original anyway. Current exhaust isn't leaking but would like to re-new it with stainlees steel or something 'nice' !! Any suggestions around Chesterfield, Derbyshire ?? Also like to get a re-map after any new exhaust was fitted, but not sure if/how realistic a re-map is on the 3.0H6 lump? Thanks for any info ;)
  13. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction as I'm struggling to find a blow off valve that will fit a Impreza RC 2.0l Diesel. My Car is 2009 and the Hatchback Model. I've spoken to a few places such as UK based Demon Tweeks and they cannot seem to help. My questions are; Is it possible to fit a blow off valve on this type of car? And if so where could I find one? Thank you for your time in reading this, any help would be appreciated. Eddie
  14. Hi, could anyone guide me trough my first remap? I already have Bluetooth ELM327 interface and this cable is on way to me http://obd2software.co.uk/scantools.html I have EcuFlash and Autoscan SW Is there any custom ROM for this car available for download? Main reason for remap is so someone fitted straight through pipes but didn't remap and now I'm goin' to remove pre cat as it's broken.
  15. Well? Is it possible? new ecu? what else can be done? I am spending £580 on exhaust, manifold, sport cat, straight through, and backbox,as well as £280 on a lightened flywheel and £150 on a fast road clutch, induction kit..what one would you guys recommend? cams? is there ones i can get? injectors? I am planning on spending alot of money on this car, i know the simple option would be to just buy a tubro scooby, but where is the fun in that :P
  16. Just bought the Japspeed sportscat downpipe for my classic ver6 JDM STi and fitting it this Friday! :-) Does the standard heat shield just go back on over the top or do I have to grab some wrap from eBay? http://www.japspeed.co.uk/subaru-impreza-classic-gc8-sports-cat.html
  17. I've done over 100,000 miles in my 2001 WRX. Now engine light is always on. Garage unable to fix it for more than a couple of days. I think injector must be blocked as power on acceleration diminished. Someone suggests remap, but I don't want to put old friend at risk, and I understand none of the technicalities - just that it has been and still is a great car. Any advice, please?
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