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Will a decent sound system cover up noise?


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Hi all, simple question I hope. Will a decent sound system cover up the general Scooby noise. My classic is loud inside. Engine sounds nice but the road noise itself is loud. I sometimes like this but at times would like to listen to something else.

Would a good sound system take the other noises away. Normally drive modern cars which are super quiet so new to me.

All and any thoughts welcome.

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It has a standard exhaust and it does not have a removable shelf but instead a roller blind type cover. These are generally not as quiet as a proper type parcel shelf. I think I will leave it as it is and get used to it. Thanks for replies.

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I was considering a Goodyear Efficient Grip and they have good reviews and are rated quiet.

I put four of them on in march and they are a good ballance between performance and fuel economy, can't fault them, wet grip is really good
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Have a look on my tyres.com I had a couple of firestones delivered to the wheel refurber's at a decent price and they seem to be performing ok .

The exhaust was a bit "tongue in cheek" but true in my instance .

As I had a 2k sound system in my previous car which I transferred to my standard 1st scoob[emoji41]

once I fitted a aftermarket cat back and bell mouth sports cat I could hear the sweet spool and burble soundtrack I binned the heavy sub .

I too like a quality sounding system (not just volume ) and currently run a alpine head unit ,vibe black series speakers in the front doors and vibe black 6x9's in the parcel shelf .

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