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customer service rant!


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while ago saw this facebook offer with degusta box for £6.99 basically advertises that once a month you get a little box with some stuf that you dont normally buy from the shops so you can try it .... thought yeah great (goes up to 12.99 month 2) 


got box this morning,  wife was in and said it was a bit basic few sweets , couple bottles cider , some instant noodles thought well its only 6.99 lost no biggy , will cancel it for future couldnt find it online in "my account" so rang the number 


Yeah you gotta email us, No problem email fired off from work account basically staying please cancel , stop any card transactions and if you send me anything its your responsibility to collect, Actually will post it below :



hi please cancel my subscription (as per my email address )  and cancel all
forms of payments to my card please.


Any payments taken from my account from any date forward of
7th October 2015 will be subject to refund that account within 7 days. Any
delay in these refunds will be subject to the charges on that account plus 2%
as per statutory terms and conditions.


Any packages or parcels delivered from the date 7th october
2015 to my address ......, it will be your
responsibility to collect and we will hold no responsibility to items damaged
in said packaging forward of this date.


If someone can confirm in writing that this account is
closed and we will face no further obligations


Got a phonecall within about 3 minutes from "Customer Service" well it was a angry london accent women saying i was aggressive in my response and that i had the box on the offer so what should i F*&%N expect?? payment for box 2 is due tomorrow and is being taken from my account today apparently and i will get the box by 10th november if i dont want it thats my F%*$£&n problem then i wont pay anything else from that date! 


Pretty much legal version of me kicked in , said i will need that in writing please! luckily i hit record on this fancy new phone system we have! and i have got the managing directors information from companies house so i will be sending it to him too! aswell as my cost (invoice attached) for spending a hour dealing with them which is 300 quid inc vat lol !! 


so facebook deals..... Dont bother !





im about to ship some scrap metal to there head office!

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