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New to the forum, 2010 Impreza 1.5 wanting to mod the exhaust

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Hello everyone

As the title said IM new here just wanted to introduce myself and Ask a few questions at the same time :)

I just bought a Impreza 1.5 from a dealer and its got the standard exhaust on her. I want to let some more of that sweet boxer sound out how would you suggest going about it?

I have been told taking the second cat and collecter off with a open can on the back would do the trick.

Thanks for the time

Look forward to hearing from you all. :)


car modle is Subaru Impreza 1.5 R Sports Wagon Hatchback 2010



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Hi and welcome to the club!


If you take the cats off you WILL need to remap the car. I would say the easiest way would be go to Powerflow or Longlife and get yourself a performance exhaust made as i have not seen an off the shelf option for the 1.5's. 

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Wotcha and welcome  - agree you may need to go the bespoke route but it will mean you will get the sound you want and a lifetime guarantee.


I have a 2.0 NA hatch and looked at some different options but the longlife powerflow option looks better than most aftermarket imports

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I got a custom system for mine it was cheaper than off the shelf, designed very close to what I wanted and fitted on the car I would say its the best bet. Also if you want to be able to hear the car in the car I would tell them you want it loud. Mine has 2 small resonators on the system and you can hear it but need to listen out for it. Outside the car its loud and sounds good. So I guess subaru did a good job on the sound dampening on the hachbacks.



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Hello everyone sorry about the late reply,

im a marine engineer was busy with work, How much did your custom exhaust cost you Alex if you dont mind me asking.

They have done really well keeping the hatchbacks quiet haha. You start to hear the engine about 4k revs.


thanks alot for the replys jay and timmy. :) much appreciated.

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