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Potential owner saying hello


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Hi Guys,


I've just signed up. I drive a company Peugeot at the moment and have had company cars since the 1980's. I am hoping to get early retirement within the next year or so and when I do I'll be needing a car. I'm thinking either the Legacy or Outback estates are favorite but maybe even a Forester. I don't cover high mileages and do a fair bit of door to door as Dad's taxi service so I'm thinking a petrol is a better bet and I'd like an auto.


Why a Subaru ? Well I've always liked them and never had the chance as a company car. Plus they are a bit different and a bit more interesting than the more common Fords, Toyota etc and with a bit more time on my hands I'll be glad of another hobby or two. 


Also these seem to be a  good value used buy. I'll probably go for something about 3 or so years old when the time comes. In the meantime I'd like to lurk here for a while and see what I can learn.







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