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BBC wave bye bye to F1


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Yeah I agree they seem to be shooting themselves. I will refuse to even watch top gear. They would have been better to rebrand it as a different show. But I think they will spend loads on trying to make it good. I hate the BBC most of the time to be honest lol. They really don't have much left maybe the odd wildlife documentary I'll watch other than that not sure what else I even watch now with f1 going. Who's got that then sky?

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Hill and Schumacher was good to watch but I agree the way the cars are now and rules it's gone a bit wrc. Not as bad but getting that way.

was they after,i thought they was round the same time or round the end of mansel earer ,but yeah agree they was good to watch,dont get me started on wrc ruined that as well now,but atleast i can still watch the bikes for some exciting racing  :wacko:

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All the more reason to get sky.

Sky show every practice session, qualifying and race live, also all the GP2 races.

And I can still do friends and family offers all year round.


o and they are bloomin goo offers them :D

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Looks like I'll be forking out for sky sports on top over my virgin package, again [emoji22] why can't the just do the f1 channel as an add on ?

Not to fussed for all the football these days as don't get time to watch it.

Unless I pay out of my virgin contract and go back to sky

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