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First Time Subaru Owner - 01 Forester STi


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Cheers Dave! Nice motor yourself. Perhaps you could help me with a query:


How similar is my boot space to yours?


I'm attempting to get myself a boot liner, dog guard and tonneau cover but finding it more difficult to come across ones for the 97-02 (SF) cars compared to the early 02-04 (SG). Please excuse me if I've got the models/years wrong, I'm still learning ;)

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Yours looks the same as mine SG9 so boot space should be identical. Haven't tried to get a specific boot liner. I just use a bit or tarp as I don't have any animals to transport.

In terms of tonneau cover do you mean the pull out cover that fits behind the seats and covers the boot?

If so mine came with the standard Scooby one and it should be the same as any SG forester (doesn't need to be STI)

No idea on the dog guard I'm afraid

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Mine is a 2001 post facelift SF5 which has the different front and rear end (squarer lights and grill) than yours. I actually prefer the look of yours, it's far more aggressive, but it was a little out the price range. Going by pictures on the web, the load area inside the car looks to be the same shape. I guess I'll need to try them out and see.


Yeah, the pull out cover for the load bay. I also think that the connection points in the boot are the same but I'd probably need to see the SG next to the SF to compare.


How long have you owned your STi? Are there any places you'd recommend for parts?

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Unfortunately it's not the rarer type M, it's the auto, which is a pretty rare car in itself to be fair. Not sure of numbers though. It came with all the same trimmings as the Type M (red stitches on wheel, sti speedo cluster, interior etc) and internal upgrades only minus the 5sp manual gearbox.


The previous owner has had it remapped so it pulls like a train!

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Not sure tbh, i reckon it would be, looks like it's sat on bigger rims and the kit deceives the eyes, the rest of the sti's sit lower do I can't see why this would be different.

Mines sitting about 30mm lower than stock anyway, unless we can get a side by side picture can't say for sure

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