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Do I buy a daily driver....?


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Hi guys, as I've said before I have now had my job moved from 3 miles away to nearly 40 miles away, it is likely to stay this way for all of next year if not beyond. So rather than do 350+ miles a week in the scoob I'm debating buying a daily diesel cheapy run about. Been looking at the VAG group cars (fabia vrs, Ibiza TDI, golf TDI etc), something that will be cheap to run but be capable of hyper miles. My budget is 2k tops so anything I get will probably be fairly leggy in the first place, but I've worked out that if I'm spending £7 a day on fuel, rather than £13 I stand to save an average of £1400 a year in fuel. Does this sound like a viable option? Bearing in mind I'm 32 so insurance is peanuts (2003 wrx, £400 a year inc business mileage!). I'm thinking keep the scoob loved cherished and driven for everything apart from work, and the diseasel for work?

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I borrowed a 2006 VW Passat 2.0 TDI as needed transport whilst I was without a Subaru earlier in the year.

She was well used with 182,000 miles on the clock but had been maintained well.



Believe it or not, she was quite economical for a fairly large and heavy car and the 2.0 TDI ( 140  BHP ) pulled well enough too.



On a run she was averaging over 55 Mpg and I got @ 700 miles from a tank full of diesel. Road tax was £180 per year.



The last tank full provided me with 630 miles worth which included @ 300 motorway miles and the rest was short journeys of @ 5 miles each way, to and from work.



Not as much fun as a Subaru but more practical for high mileage usage.



Another option might be get your Subaru converted to LPG.

Not sure of the conversion costs but those could be offset against the costs of having to purchase and to tax and insure another car.




Good Luck

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def go for a daily, e39 5 series is a right comfy barge, £1000 should get a decent one, as long as you dont use a main dealer they not that bad parts costs wise and being bmw they go and go and go

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