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Code P0244


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Hi guys

I have a 59 WRX-S with cobra sport cat back, K&N typhoon filter, HKS BOV and had the prodrive tune replaced by custom tune from racedynamix.

I have found in gear 4/5 it runs error code P0244 if pushed hard.

I have tried without the BOV but the same issue still.

I have a decat pipe and some gauges to get a better look on their way.

Anyone know what this may be?

Do I need a higher PSI solenoid?

Cheers guys

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Sounds like it's cutting fuel due to overboosting, how long ago did dunc map it ?

Have you contacted him telling him about the problem ?

Scoobyghost had same issue withing a couple of days of having the map, he came back and sorted it, if you haven't already a 3 port boost solinoid may help but I'd speak to dunc before you do anything

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P0244 is basically over-boost?

As stants said, when I was mapped my target was set to 1.3bar and limit at 1.4bar. 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear were all fine but if I got high in the revs in 4th I'd get boost cut. When I monitored the boost gauge I noticed I was hitting 1.4bar. Called Duncan and told him this, he explained that I was hitting the limit which caused the cut. Within two weeks he came to my house and fixed the problem. He commented highly on the condition of my engine(Feeds ego) so rather than lower my target he increased my limit to 1.5bar. I haven't had any issues since. I can still hit 1.4bar in the higher gears but to do that I need to be doing 110mph+ [emoji12] And of course none of us do that.

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old thread but looks like i may have developed the same problem on my 08 wrx,car has been great till on way home today,i have gave car full beans a few times before to blow cobwebs out of it and no problem but today after my 56mph M1 speed in road works i came onto bypass i decided to give it a bit of boost thats when at about 5000rpm it decided to try making me head but the steering wheel,i thought oh this is not good i have killed it,but still drove home nice and steady,but engine managment light on,cruise lght flashing and abs flashing at me,so code reader out and it was P0244,read about it then deleted coded and when for a blast,5 full beans blasts all ok,6th blast and did it again,the 1st 5 times it would just boost to just under 1.4 bar but 6th it went a bit higher and put coded up,i fitted a prosport boost gauge at weekend,could that have changed how its boosting.

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5 minutes ago, Piggysniffer said:

Ok mate,  found that it can happen when the weather turns colder

defo been colder today,am not that worried about it now i have been reading about it and what people have said and i dont give it full beans that often,i do plan some more mods to the car other the winter so will be having another remap done as well so will tell them it did it at the time so they can do what ever they need to do to stop it doing it again,was just bit worrying at time how it abruptly cut the power felt like it had broke at time,and with just fitting the boost gauge i just wondered if that could have made any changes to it.

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