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subaru knowledge/ reputable garage near mansfield?


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Hi all, 

I live in the isle of man and there's no cars over here for sale, so i'm looking in the uk which is a real pain without spending £300+ to go over and look at cars to maybe buy them.

so this might be a long shot, but worth a try never the less, I'm looking at a classic impreza sti at mansfield car centre. The place has awful reviews so i'm very wary about them, however the car pretty much ticks all my boxes! However i don't want to spend a lot of time and money travelling over to find that the car is an absolute turkey so I'm wondering if there are any beautiful people on this forum that know a thing or two about subaru's and have looked at the car already or don't mind having look for me! Failing that, any reputable garages that i can ask the guy to send the car to, to be checked over nearby?

any help or general advice would be great! :D


Thanks, Greg

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Yea spoke to the guy and he talked me to death before I could get a question in haha but by the sounds of it, it does have quite a few receipts with it but not completely sure on a proper service history though, do you know how much it went for on eBay?

yea I thought the price was a bit high too, wasn't going to pay a penny over 6k

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