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4 wheel alignment


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So back in December I knotted my front tyres were scrubbing on the outside edges ( not good )

as the tyres were slightly more worn overall on the front and with winter coming I decided to swap front to rear anyway ( 23K on the clock )

now xmas is out the way I booked the car in at my local Subaru dealer for a full 4 wheel alignment and check up

arrived at garage at 8.30am, 1hour 30 mins later service manager came over and told me sorry for the delay but its all out of alignment front and back and all needs adjustment hence the delay in time should be finished  in 15 mins

wow how can that be? I don't go off roading , I am slow over bumps avoid pot holes very strange? I asked could that be a bad setup from factory I asked he said he had no answers but it was all out of sink

he did say its not massively, massively out but it all needs adjustments front and back

I have read on a few other forums of others have tracking and alignment issues and some from new too

so after all that and my first MOT due in March I have the car fully set up correctly and some new Nokian Weatherproof tyres fitted




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It's not that common these days for tracking to be wildly out unless you're a kerb monkey or go off roading a lot. But even with mine I go down a lot of pretty rough tracks and it's held up pretty well.

Good you're all sorted anyway, may I ask where did you get alignment done and how much was it? Thought I might get mine done when in for new tyres

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totally stay away from kerbs, no off-roading for me, yes forest road and odd track but my xv is my :wub: so I look after it well.

I got the 4 wheel alignment done at my Subaru garage where it came from ( thought that would be best they should know what there doing lol ) cost £100 which to be fair is what others charge for proper job

as I said mine was all out fount and back, they did spend 3 hrs so I don't feel to bad :-)

deffo worth doing before you go stick 4 new tyres on

that said Dogconker yours has 48k on and no issues so I would think yours is all ok to be honest

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Reviving an old post, but it might be of interest to any owners going to get the tracking done.

Our 2013 XV had bad scrubbing on the outside of the tyres and wore out a new set very quickly. Went to get the tracking done at the Subaru garage and they said nothing was too wrong. I've been putting a bit more pressure in the tyres since and they seem to be ok. 


As a side note, I'm standing in the garage getting my 2012 done and the Hunter system didn't have the XV listed! Luckily they were able to pull up Subaru USA and find a crosstrek so fingers crossed the settings are the same! 

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