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NEwbie WRX STI owner

Nick Baines

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6 hours ago, Scoobydoobydan said:

Hey and welcome to SOC,


Nice toy mate, what's the plans for it??? Do like a nice silver look:thumbup1: (wonder why):wink:

Don't really have any plans for it mate. Just enjoying it as she is. She already has Subaru stage 1 power upgrade, K&N filter and Miltek cat back system. Really enjoy just getting in it

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1 hour ago, Gambit said:

Welcome mate :cool: looks nice I'd still get the sti spoiler if it was mine but it's your car :angel_not:

I personally prefer it without mate. That's one of the reasons I bought it. Looks underated this way and not too in your face for a 40 yr old who's using it daily lol

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@Gambit It's the first one of I've owned. Used to follow the RAC rally around the  country in the early 90's. Got bored of having mundane cars that fit all the family and comply with daily duties. This is perfect, 4 door and 5 seats. still getting used to it and it's still making me smile. Fuel gauge drops rather quickly though lol


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Hey fella lol I've welcomed you already earlier in the post. I'm 55 I have a Sti like yours but in plasma blue. I had the same spoiler like yours. I changed it for a Sti one, put a vortex generator on the roof and a diffuser under the rear bumper. I have pictures on the gallery section. I love the fact that we are all individuals with our own tastes and styles at 55 I don't feel old I feel like a regular guy who loves cars. But your damn right about just getting in it makes me smile. 

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