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Plasti dip any experiences here


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Been looking into this as there ares some nice finishes available and it's really cheap compared to a full respray. I have every intention of getting car resprayed at some point but budget won't allow at mo. So this is an alternative I'm looking at.

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18 hours ago, Phila67 said:

From some of the videos I've seen it doesn't look too bad for wheels. Don't think I'd like to see my whole car done in it. It'd be a bit like driving round in a condom!

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best thing i have read so far today :laugh:

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A stated wouldn't bother on the whole car, might as well save the cash for a proper respray. 

I dipped my spare set of wheels in white a couple of years back and it held up nicely. No prep other than thorough cleaning needed. Then again I did follow all the usual spraying rules. Thin coats, drying time etc


long story short ended up using all summer with no problems until tyres needed changing then it peeled at the rim. Bugger to get off when hardened though only thing that seems to get it off is WD40!? 

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