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Waste gate actuator


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As above standard items are pretty simple affairs not normally the first thing to go - what are your symptoms?

Here is a forge one for TD04 with stock spring or uprated as an option


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Ok, as you've probly seen I've been workin through some issues, this one tho is basically random boost numbers at any time going from 14psi to maybe 16psi approx, every now and then I hit around the 18 that it first did when I got it but tbh that hasn't been happening lately, slow to build boost too and missing that instant surge of power when the turbo first kicks in and tapering off dramatically, I've disconnect the vac pipe off the waste gate actuator and driven it and it will produce more boost but it's slow to build. I've checked and checked and checked for boost leaks with leak spray, vac leaks with just about anything possible, the other day I blanked off my bpv hole and the return pipe and drove it and still the same, so I came home, got a pry bar(this was just a quick test) and gave the actuator a quick pry on its bracket to preload the waste gate a bit more, hey presto, instant boost at a steady 16.5psi, another quick pry and I'm back to 17.99psi and pulling like a train. 

(I think this is where I may make myself look like an absolute idiot but hey ho)

drive the car round a bit and it's back to its old self, drive it the next day still the same until I come round a bend, get on the gas hard  and have what I presume is boost cut, violent ! This happens a couple more times and I then presume I must have a actuator problem of some sort even tho it's not reading too high on romraider and put the post up about wanting one, today I have more of the same and then pretty much run out of fuel, basically had to nurse the car the last 200m home, I thing I may have bent the fuel level arm in the sender when changing pumps 😳 And presume what I thought was boost cut is actually fuel starvation !!

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