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Cat on classic sti

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Hi guys 

so I tried putting my car through its test over here on the Isle of Man and one of the points it failed on was that it doesn't have a cat.

so if I was to fit a sports cat would I need the car set up or will it run fine?

seen one on jap speed for £250 I assume they're decent quality from there?

cheers in advance

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I think it was mapped for the exhaust as I got a receipt for JGM to remap it when it first came over but it was dyno'd last year and is pretty much standard power so I'm assuming it was just being set up for that exhaust.

Also I don't think they actually do an emissions test they just check for a cat by the sounds of it

but If I'm going to spend a decent amount for a high flow sports cat I might as well leave it on

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I wish it was that easy :sad: seems to be a lack of scoobs over here and if people go decat they get rid of the cat because they don't get tested again, but I think I'd rather have a sports cat for peace of mind in case I do get pulled over and checked in future (yes I know I'm a little goody two shoes 😛)

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