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Hello guys, not a current Subby owner but potentially one in the near future :) The exact Impreza I am looking at is a 2007 RX wagon with 46,000 miles, it's being let go for £1800 due to being a cat D with former rear damage. So currently waiting to turn 20 and get some no claims for insurance haha

I have a quick question, what sort of headers are on RX, equal length or unequal length? If it's EL headers, I was looking at aftermarket UEL ones, although every single one seems to be compatoble only wih 97-05 models, although all of them have an EJ20 engine if I am not wrong? 

Sorry for newbish questions, I am new to the Subby world :) 

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Welcome to the club!

It looks like the sport uses equal length... when I look on scooby world at non-turbo headers, the headers look to fit all non-turbo models:


Might be worth giving them a call and asking the question!

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Ok thanks man, that helps a lot! :) 

This is the exact part I'm looking at, it's just the manifold- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400407113636 , although 97-05 part is what really bugs me. 

I'll be contacting the seller in this case, hope it's compatible since nowhere on eBay I could find a manifold for 06 onwards Impreza

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