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Problematic 98 wagon


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Hello dudes.

Im totally new to this site, Am having some mixed issues with my wagon and some random opinions would be great :)

Ive had my Imprezza about a year now (Previous car was an old automatic volvo v4o lol) and have a number of things happen,, First was the insane kangarooing incident, a new map and mas sensor sorted it out though. Now im left with a power loss problem,but it only happens under certain circumstances. After nearly a year of living with it i even instinctively know when its about to f up. Ok here we go HELP MEEEEEEEEEE

Typically after its first morning 5 mile spanking i drop a gear to take a corner and the throttle pedal goes dumb,My foot goes about halfway down on the throttle pedal before it kicks in and jerks like hell, I then have to change from fourth to either neighbouring gear (depending on the road conditions) and it seems happy, Though taking a corner in the wrong gear is just bad for all. It will then be a d**k jerking around and dumb throttle for while. 

This only ever happens when i let off the throttle.. If i accelerate at any time it runs perfectly :) But now I'm booting it everywhere rev matching like a millionaire and as fun as that is :) i drive quite a lot and can rack up quite the fuel bill.

No fault/flash codes come up at the garage...Though i haven't tried a Subaru garage i have tried 3 reputable places and they're all stumped, Mainly because they can't even get the car to play up. I even took a mechanic for a ride to try and show him but of course bru was good that day so i don't even think the issue has been seen by anybody. 

If i leave my car to warm up properly in the mornings then often the fun and games will be delayed untill later in the day,but it always comes.

If i disconnect the Battery overnight then the car can run fine for 2 maybe 3 days,so maybe ecu software?

The car as an after market exhaust so potential issues there maybe? 

Part of me wants to bin it and buy a better Scoob, but its a classic with the low box so would like to keep it alive. Oh yea and i love it to death now so there's that. 

Oh one final note, spent 5 months religiously on V power... didn't help.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


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Have you done a self code check aswell as the plug in diagnostics the garage have done?

Sounds a bit strange with a dump peddle. Could it be a sticky cable or butterfly? When you take the Battery off and works fine for a while does make it sound electrical though. Throttle position sensor?

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Hey guys

No Scoobyghost i havent done a self code check, I dont know that much about it all to be honest, but im always up for learning. i will heal this !Removed! car if its the last thing i do! 

TPS, Interesting, My mechanic has metioned this before. though he also said it was probably the map sensor, then the mas sensor, then the crank sensor then a bunch more stuff..The TPS will be my next port of call. A friend has informed me of a scoob with an identical engine that is being broken near me so i plan to go and see what i can get off it this weekend. If not i'll buy a new one and see what happens. Thanks for your comments :) any other ideas are welcomed. I will let ya'll know how i get on. 



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