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Has anyone fitted wheel to there scooby. If they have (or haven't) are there any issues. I have read that they can cause poor handling and extra wear on bearings?

I like the look spacers give but Interested to hear your thoughts

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Spacers cause problems. Uneven tyre wear, bearing, wheel stud bolts, worse handling. Basically the further you are from wheel bearing the more problems you will have. That is why spacers are for show only and are not to be used for normal driving.

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In a similar boat if I put a set of brembo's on with my current alloys will need at the minimum 6mm spacers to clear them, depending on the type of spacers some are a lot less likely to cause issues or dangers. Buy a well designed and quality hub centric spacer and you shouldn't need worry, it's those cheap nasty universal ones which cause issues I used to get them coming into the garage I worked at on some tyre jobs and those universal things are extremely nasty - unbalances the wheel and puts the weight of the car on the nuts and studs which is ill advised. 

Eibach do hub centric sets I'd advise something similar to this design. Not cheap but I wouldn't want to use anything cheap or nasty when pulling at speeds when it comes to wheel fitment.

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Prime example of using cheap non-centric spacers so just be careful if you do use spacers to check them regually or pay the price and get some good quality ones from a well established brand


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running 20mm spacers on mine, so far no uneven tyre wear feels more planted in corners - but that may be a placebo :cool:

however mine are the H&R brand specific for the make and hub of my car.


They were also reviewed by one of the magazines who fitted them to their longterm BRZ

WRT the picture posted by Hudson they do not fit on like that - they were all a snug fit to the centre with one needing a little grease just to aid fitting I certainly am not expecting that from these and if it does happen I will be after my money back as my expectation was paying for quality as the machining and fit should ensure support and forces evenly distributed.

Yes bearing wear may be an issue in the future - time will tell

I have some fit photos somewhere - will post when I find them



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here they are, you can see how tight the fit is on the internal circumference with additional metal between the mounting stud holes and the inner face where the blue ones don't have a complete hole around the mounting nut plus the closer external circumference to the existing hub.

What I would expect should also help with force distribution is the centre shoulder replicating the hub mount - this is also missing from the blue example this I suspect would mean uneven force exerted on the wheel mounting studs from small lateral movement - this in turn could compromise the bearing itself

I had not compared these two examples before only the H&R vs Eibach choice but having seen them next to each other the blue ones should def be labelled for 'show use only'




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17 hours ago, stants said:

I've been looking at the eibach ones how did the two compare Jay ?

They are both made of high grade alloy with a protective coating, both are precision fit and both were in silver.

At time of buying H&R were about £15 cheaper per pair.

But if the H&R hadn't been available at the time I wanted to buy from supplier I would have purchased the Eibach items (Im soooo impatient)


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