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I've owned my WRX STI for not even a week and the slippy slope of modding it has already started.


When I first brought the car I did say the famous words this ones staying standard.


Heres a pic from the day I picked her up



When ordering their was no question on what colour to pick WR blue is the was option in my eyes. Two reasons they had one in stock and also since a little boy always wanted a blue scooby on gold wheels. Gold wheels quickly went out window after seeing pic of one on them. 


Impicked her up first thing I did was take it home to add paint protection and protect the interior as age to children who make a load of mess lol. Then one this was done took it out to local cruise to show her off


heres three pics I've found from the night. ( Fhe Abarth 500 is what the sti will be sharing garage with when I get a run around)








Then Sunday took her to a local charity event and meet a White WRX STI




As said early in post original plans were to keep her standard then I sore pics with the optional front splitter and thought ok I'll just get one of them at some point and some rally style mud flaps.





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The front splinter came early then I thought when sparky offered me his old one at a price I could not refuse. 

This is how she currently stands on day 5 of ownership.


Plans are now I have the front splitter to make mine look like this only difference will be the slight different splitter and sti badge instead of s207 badge.



Other plans include

Rally style blue mud flaps with wrx sti in pink on them (ordered)

Free flowing axle back exhaust system ( she far to quiet for a scooby)

spacers with new wheels (thinking xxr 527, rota gravels or  compromotive MO6) but for the mean time till I choose a wheel I wil spray inside of standard wheels as Subaru only spray the face

lowering ( undesided on springs or coil overs)

spray lower front grill, rear defuser, scoop insert and fog light surrounds gloss black.

wrap front bumper under lower grill gloss black

rear bumper extensions

Decent air filter

Not so interesting I have also ordered set of front seat protectors blue with link sti, but they not going to do a rear seat so that will have to be a Halfords universal set I think. Hopefully can get a get of blue universal ones made up then get an iron of transfer to make front seats


Then she will be complete because every project gets finished doesn't it ha ha



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Nice one. Good to see another blue new shape STI.

Quick comment on the spacers: get your suspension sorted at the same time! I put ET35 wheels on mine (because I'm an idiot and didn't know better), and though it was still driveable, the handling was... Iffy.

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22 minutes ago, MikeEcho said:

Nice one. Good to see another blue new shape STI.

Quick comment on the spacers: get your suspension sorted at the same time! I put ET35 wheels on mine (because I'm an idiot and didn't know better), and though it was still driveable, the handling was... Iffy.

Nice when you say sort the suspension at same time are you referring to lowering car or geo setting?? What offset are the standard wheels anyway

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I think probably both (but I'd also ask someone who knows more than me) . The standard wheels are ET55, so I went pretty dramatic. The other thing I should say is that my wheels were 8.5J, same as the originals, and at that offset there was a little bit of poke, so unless you want to get the wide arch kit (which I think looks awesome) I'd suggest not going any further out than I was.

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Small update today my new seat covers arrived




with regards to wheel choice plan changed and wheels first mention I'm not thinking of any more other then the xxks. In thinking going down the works or enkie route now but I know what I'm like this will prob change again next week. With regards to the styling this plan may have chafed to in the way of a full charge speed lip kit and carbon parts but still not sure on this yet need to do some more thinking 

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My rally style mud flaps turned up Saturday but been ill with throat infection since so haven't had the energy to fit them but here's a pic of them




Plans are to spray the bolts same colour as are stainless but may just spray them black.


Having been ill since sat the car haven't moved and yesterday had to pop to the docs so thought as I felt ab it better I'd drive was heart broken when walked up to the car and noticed come scummy little c*** had keyed the length of drivers rear door. Luckily my dad picked car up today and has managed to polish it all out.


Heres 2 shoots from a photo shoot me sparky and Scott attended on Saturday. 






Next parts I will be collecting are a free flow exhaust, an induction kit, gurney flap and come engine bay dress up parts


One last night she nearly ran in only 350 miles to go











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Another update but jo pics due to phone being slow to upload pics to photo bucket. I now have my front mud flaps on I went for the bigger option in blue with pink writing. The passenger side has wrx on them and driv ers side has sti.

The tears will be going on shortly but I'm waiting for my jdm rear aero splat guards to arrive from America first. 


Also thought the horn was very girly so a car with so much attitude so I have brought a set of hella horns. Also i think they look nice.


pics to follow


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Finally got round to uploading the pics.
Here's my new mud flaps, passenger side has wrx on and drivers side has sti. I can confirm they decently do the job as after a trip to brands a night after heavy rain I had a nice clean patch behind the arches.



Heres my hella horns that will be going on on Saturday I will be making a custom bracket and will take all measurement if any fellow members would like them to make their own bracket as can't get measurements with the bumper on. The bracket I'm making sat will just be a quick fix to get them on, I will then make another bracket that will be sprayed and welded together at a later date. With regards to wire I g I'm noting to make a harness myself and can pass the info on to anyone who is interested also.


Heres my my jdm  rear area spats, these are an option only in Japan from Subaru, was originally going to get a ht auto rear bump extension but when I see these I just had to have them.


2 random pics first if from brands hatch btcc, other is day after once I cleaned all the mud off her.



On on another not the car is now off the road and not a daily as within 3 weeks she has been keyed twice outside my house so my dad as kindly said I can keep it at his in his garage. 

Also so not only with the spats, horns and rear mud flaps be going on this weekend so will my exhaust and hopefully new reg plates ( jap rear and small venal front)

Next plans are a 3" straight through mid pipe, side extensions, rear gurney flap, yellow tint front fogs and black wing badges with pink sti logo.

After that with be wheels, lowering drivers bucket seat and harness and a few other small cosmetic tweeks.

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All parts are now fitted with pics below

Here's how the front end now looks and I am very happy with the out come


Only changes left for the front end now is the get the lower grill and fog light insert trim sprayed gloss black to match upper grill, change orange indicators to clear ones ( does anyone know we're can get a set the right fitment?) and a smaller vinyl ref place made up or other option is get a plate blanker and put vinyl plate on passenger side below headlight.

Close up of the grill with pink pin stripe on and hella horns behind


I thought this was going to be a very long job as I didn't buy the harness or bracket but on closer inspection was very easy. The horns I just mounted the horns using slam panel bolts then for the wiring just a male terminal to slip into standard loom connector with 2 wires off of each of the male connectors then run one of each wire up to the horns

The other big job was fit my rear splats and rear mud flaps. This was never going to be simple as them both used same mounting points but I have done it.

Passenger side


Drivers side


Rear and side shoot 



Also I have applied the spare stickers I got for my mud flaps to the side of my spoiler and de badged the bottom leaving just the Subaru logo and sti badge as thought it was just to busy with all the badges on

Next up is a free flowing back box, 3 inch mid section and induction kit

Car will be at japfest on Sunday nice and clean as of tonight she will be parked up and cleaned slowly over the next couple days






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Ok update time. Car has gone through the big changes since last update. 


I have installed a LED a set of corbeau club sport fixed bucket seats in the front (thanks sparky for your help) and a 4" sagely harness. Also got a 3 inch wide bell down pipe de chatted reduced to 2.5 inch unsilenced centre pipe and free flow back boxes and a cosworth uprated panel filter. Once all this was done the car was off to ultimate street car at Santa pod were Pdv power did a static map. The car was lovely and was due to go to Pdv for a tweet on the rollers but that never happens.


4 weeks ago one Saturday evening my life was turned upside down when some mindless idiot poured petrol all over the car and lite it so now unfortunately the car is a write off so that's the end of this project :( 

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