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Hawkeye WRX upgrades...

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Iya guys, 

I need advice!


I'm running a mostly stock Hawkeye, with the Prodrive exhaust system and a K&N 69-8001TS induction kit fitted. I have these bits and bobs ready to be fitted.......

  • Forge dump valve
  • K&N oil filter
  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Could I fit all of these, remap it and see good enough results, or would it be worth making other improvements before the first remap? I know I won't see much improvement from the parts above, except the fuel pump, but if it's a case of I should (or might as well) upgrade the TMIC or put in a FMIC with the dump valve then let me know. It desperately needs a remap ASAP, since the induction kits been fitted there's been a very noticeable drop in power. I'm hoping it because ECU has no idea what to do with all this air and not because the standard airbox is better.

Cheers guys! 

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exhaust and filter mods will benefit from a remap so I would fit the stuff you have listed and get it arranged. Standard airboxes are not too bad - a high flow panel filter works pretty well.

in the short term why not go back to the standard airbox?

Unless you are changing the turbo stick with the TMIC - a session on the dyno may show the benefit of a thicker TMIC with the standard turbo and your current changes  - dont know if there is a different between WRX and STI TMIC?


Oh also Wotcha and welcome

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Not uncommon for it to run like **** with an induction kit bolted on.  Mine ran **** too.  I would always recommend standard airbox with an STI/Cosworth panel filter.  A good map should sort your issue though.

Def get an exhaust on it with decat or at least sports cat.  This will make the turbo give more easier.  

Dont get me wrong, with a straight forward remap you'll still get more power as they will just wind the boost up :biggrin:.   Most important this is that its running right.  

STI TMIC is bigger.


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Cheers guys, Jay, short term I don't massively mind the loss in power too much believe it or not, since the interiors torn up with various upgrades so I need to take it steady anyway..

I'll sort an exhaust out too. I've got another thread on that.

Geoff, I'm within the 60 day return period for the induction kit so would you even recommend getting rid of this one and going with a Cosworth panel? This one was £300 so if it's going to be cheaper and better with a Cosworth panel then I'll go with that. 

turbo wise, improve the TMIC, gotcha...

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If your able to get your money back on the induction kit then best to do that and buy a Cosworth panel for the standard airbox as its good enough.The money you save can be put towards your exhaust (replied on your exhaust thread) or upgrade to a sti tmic.

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How about standard airbox, Cosworth panel and an sti TMIC? Would probably still save a few quid? 

Sounds good [emoji106] There is nothing wrong with the standard airbox and changing it for an induction kit seems to be a waste of money.

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induction kits are good if you like the noise from one,apart from that they loose you bhp mighty car mods do a test on you tube to prove the standard air box is the best,just upgrade the filter but not with the type you oil,their no good either,i had a kn typhoon induction kit on a blob,£300 complete peace of s*** and over priced,if you do want the induction noise then their is much better then the kn and much cheaper.if your on a buget and want a cheap but nice exhaust,with nice sound then try the toyo exhaust,i have just ordered another for my car from them. http://www.toyosports.co.uk/subaru-75-c.asp

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if you want more intake induction noise you can use the standard air box and put in an inexpensive silencer delete elbow or diy the original elbow silencer snorkel which is easy enough and you might notice a slight increase in turbo spool up and more intake noise. I definitely wouldn't spend £200-300 on a short ram induction kit you will see no gains as mentioned above much better spent on a good exhaust system. As with fmic not worth doing this upgrade either unless you plan on pushing past 400bhp which is not recommended on wrx standard gearbox & engine internals. The standard wrx tmic is more than capable of handling up to 350bhp without any problems, the sti tmic is overkill unless your spending a lot on upgrades.


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