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Hi All

I'd like to pick your brains on what parts will fit my foz?

I don't want to spend a fortune on lowering so it would be great to know which impreza parts, models, years would be suitable to put on the foz to get her sitting a bit lower.

Spacers? Cambers? etc - any advice or info would be most appreciated!


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i think Rick had my old impreza suspension to go on his foz, that was off a 1999 classic 

either front or rear fit then you gotta change something to fit , i cant remember 


Spacers - depends how wide your going (bolt on or shims)

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Classic fronts will fit, rears will need bug top mounts along with a 'saggy butt' spacer Due to the spring rates being different,

Down pipe and mid pipe should fit exhaust wise, apart from that everything else should just bolt up

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Thanks guys

So is it just springs or is it shocks and springs that I need off a classic impreza? As you can tell, I like my cars but I'm by no means an expert hence the questions! Any ideas how much the drop would be?

Top mounts like these?


Any information is appreciated


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