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I've put a deposit down on a 2002 Forester Sport


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Well, the time has come to get a bit bigger car to run the kids about with bikes etc.

Been looking at Renault Grand Scenic (7seater) and Foresters (non turbo)

Pricing around the £2k price mark.. but most have 100k+ miles on... some with service history and most with non. 


Then while in Ibiza last week I spotted a 2002 SF on AutoTrader ... it had little info other than in Silver with 39k miles!!!!!! yes THIRTY NINE THOUSAND!!!

Got home on Thursday afternoon and come Friday afternoon I'd been over to Lincoln to have a look at it.


It was mint... :) interior looked like no one had sat in it, need my detailing on the paint work and engine bay.. only bad bit is the diamond polished alloys are starting to get the crows feet lines under the lacquer. (I may look at refurb to smarten them up).

Told the wife I wanted to put a deposit on it... and lets say all of Friday wasn't made easy for me... we had a few words over it :(

But I did manager to ring and put a deposit down.. still with the wife fuming.. and said I'd be over Sunday to show her what it was like.

So, been over today.. she was coming round to the idea of the forester, but still annoyed with me :(

Having now seen it she likes it and thinks its a peachy buy :)


One owner from new .. full service stamps.. most main dealer, but the local main dealer closes so after that it was all at another garage.


I'm chuffed, a few things to sort out but looking to pick up at the weekend :)






I'm quite excited about it, it drove lovely.. nothing like the 330s of course lol 

It has not squeaks or rattles, AC is cold and inside is immaculate, found out it's last service was at 39k in March this year.. winner. 

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Proper clean SF Foresters are superb cars, they are incredibly well built & can be almost faultless in reliability if decent service maintained with good products.

They are an all rounder & good at most stuff inc bad weather, they also got good crash safety & AWD will help keep family safe so that was another reason for you wanting one i'm sure ;-)

I seen 200K SF's with almost spotless interiors, fabric was superb, SG was awful, shows marks & wear plus the leather edge patches always split even on lower mileage ones :-/

Main thing look at is rear struts sagging & rust on inner arch, strut turret & subframe, if they A1 you generally laughing, from pic rear looks pert not saggy, probably reflecting true low mileage.  Subframe & arches need good look & prod about, subframes can be bad on some and not cheap repair/replace for proper job .

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I rang the garage who have done the last 6 or 7 services. He knew the car.. said its had anything done that needed doing.

From the service in Feb 2014 to it's next service in March 2016 the car has covered 2800 miles.

He said in May 2014 the cam belt and water pump were done... guess what.. 30miles had been covered between the Feb service and the cam belt being done in teh May of 2014!!!

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