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Vortex Afterburner backbox for Impreza Hawkeye without any dents or scrapes with brand new gasket! Straight Exit


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Hi guys,

I have for sale a Vortex afterburner exhaust backbox. It is a straight exit backbox. This is for an impreza hawkeye but I bought it to adjust and put on my gc8, unfortunately I havent had the times and due to other circumstances I want to sell it. I also bought a brand new gasket for it that is still in its pack. The exhaust is very neat and tidy and has no dents and scrapes like many exhausts we see! These are going on scooby world brand new for around 225-235pounds. Its not brand new but Its like it is! Spotless  and scratchless from what I can see. Just needs a good clean up with some alloy shine. Mcgregors will probably do the trick😉👍 The rumble this exhaust gives cannot be beaten and many prefer this to the NurSpec. Many have put these on Non Turbos and have fooled people into thinking they were turbos! Bank for buck this really is the real deal! Im putting it up for 150 and will listen to offers. Baring in mind its like new its worth every penny! £150 ONO. Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks a lot!



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Hi there mr2bill, in leicester yes

8 hours ago, mr2bill said:

Hi momo,

Where abouts are you based?

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Hi there mr2bill,yes thats right in leicester. CHAMPIONS!!!😂😂😂

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On 18 July 2016 at 10:59 AM, nufctoon said:

newage fitment?

Sorry bout that lads, yes it is newage fitment, it was actually pulled off a hawkeye. Im telling u a polish its all it needs! Worse case scenario ill polish it and then u can have a look but like kayzarh said i hardly get times these days. Make me a sensible offer, u knw what i want for it and you know how much its worth😊👍

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