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Constant running fan!


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I've just had my gearbox replace on my 2003 wrx which also required getting the front bumper to get it recovered to a local garage since getting the car home the cooling fan is constantly running even when the ignition is on but the car isn't started! And runs from stone cold! 

Any advice welcome! 


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You could try checking if they've remembered to reconnect the gearbox earth as if not it might affect the engine loom earth .

Also on classic wrx's /uks they only have one fan but the loom has 2 plugs (1 extra for the sti twin fan models ) . Maybe if they've plugged the fan into the wrong plug it might cause it to run all the time ?

Are your running temps normal and are both the top and bottom rad hoses getting hot .

Cos if not it could be a air lock or sticky thermostat. Although they shouldn't have to drain the coolant to change a gearbox [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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