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Judder / Vibration


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Hi there,

I have a UK 2000 turbo Classic and all appears to be running well at the moment apart from a very annoying constant judder / vibration through the clutch pedal when idling with the clutch pedal depressed. Today it also started making a rattling noise on top of the judder with the pedal in. It appears something is moving, perhaps mounts ? It vibrates when in neutral also but obviously with clutch pedal in I can feel it up through my foot.

The clutch judder when moving off now in 1st and moving to 2nd is getting quite bad. The car has always vibrated a lot when idling, with a vibrating / knocking sound which appears to be coming from the passenger footwell area. Does anybody have an ideas or experience of the same? The revs at idle are fine, just a terrible vibration / knocking constantly.

Car is a my00, UK 2000 turbo with FMIC and3" decat. Car had new clutch last year I was told (I purchased car 2 months ago) and I have done oil and filters etc. service wise. Just trying to get some opinions so I know what specifically to look for to diagnose.



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Sounds like a clutch related issue. Possibly the release bearing is worn, spigot bearing, or even the clutch plate and pressure plate themselves.

As for the idle knocking check the fmic pipework for any interference. I fitted a top strut brace and noticed my tmic knocks against it sometimes.

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Knowing my luck ! Definitely clutch related, knocking noise stops when release the pedal and leave it neutral.

Hoping it's easy enough to get under and have a look at the clutch / transmission areas?

Changed the sump last month which required jacking up the transmission / engine an inch or 2, so I may have loosened something in the process :/


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