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Clunking sound


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Hi guys i need help i have a 2005 blob tdo5 hybrid remap etc lovely car and runng great for 4 months since the map now i have a vibrating noise from the rhs litrally under the car not the engine sounds like loose exhaust so ive sorted that but still there no loss of power but did lose it at 70mph round a corner the rear end went first time ever sounds like a loose bolt knocking in the exhaust could it be a drive shaft ? Car is mint no leaks just serviced all belts etc im puzxled and would appreciate some help im near southport if anyones about cheers

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Does it do it when stationary and apply varying revs

does it do it more at certain rev & engine load

does it only do it or do it more going over bumps or on rougher roads

answer those sort of question & you should be able pinpoint area of likely issue better .

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